Get to your music and podcasts faster with your voice.Just say:

Hey Spotify play my Daily Drive

…use play when you know which artist, song, album, playlist, podcast, you want to hear.

Hey Spotify show my playlists

…use show to browse your own library and pick any of your playlists, artists, songs, podcasts and albums.

Hey Spotify show girl in red

show also lets you browse over 70 million songs, albums, playlists, artists, podcasts, genres and moods.

Hey Spotify show 90s hip hop

…use show to ask for any genre or mood like rock, chill, road trips and throwbacks.

Hey Spotify show more like this

…and show helps you discover similar artists, albums, or playlists related to what you’re currently playing.

Hey Spotify show my podcasts

…when it comes to podcasts, show helps you browse. Other commands like “follow this podcast” put you in control, too.

Hey Spotify play me something

…when you’re not sure what you want to hear, just ask Spotify to play you something.