Car Thing

Car Thing is built with a sturdy unibody design for durability, and its matte-textured rubber details make it easy to navigate.

Car Thing device seen from the front
Car Thing device seen from the back
Car Thing device seen from the side


Car Thing’s tactile navigational controls include buttons, a dial, and a back button, all durably constructed for repeated use. and quickness.

Car Thing buttons


Width:5 in( 124mm )
Height:3 in( 64mm )
Depth:1 in( 20mm )
Weight:3 oz( 90g )
Car Thing measurements


Car Thing’s near-field and mid-field reach means better responsiveness to your commands.

The microphones’ noise suppression capability helps tune out sounds from the road in order to focus on your voice.

Its adaptive interference cancellation technology means it’s always working to prioritize your voice over all other sounds.

Car Thing microphones


...with car

If you can play music from your phone on your car stereo today, this will work using a USB outlet, Bluetooth and AUX. Works with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

...with Spotify app

Requires a Spotify Premium account and works best with the most up-to-date version of Spotify.

...with smartphone plan

Car Thing connects to the Spotify app on your smartphone and uses the mobile data or Wi-Fi connection from your smartphone to work.

...with phone

Compatible with iOS 14 and Android 8 or above.